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Unlimited Edition - available in digital format

We finally took our new album Unlimited Edition online! You can now buy or listen to our tracks at iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Nokia/Ovi, MediaNet and eMusic! You can also listen to our songs for free at Grooveshark, Bandcamp and Spotify! (click each title to follow the buylink)

soon to be available on Rhapsody and Zune...

And surprise, surprise! You can also listen to our new album RIGHT HERE >>>

In search for a new guitar player

It's time we should make it official: our guitar player Sergey Isaenko decided to quit the band. We are endlessly grateful for those 2,5 years of work and his input to arrangements and band development, and wish him creative success with his band and good luck in life! That is why we are in search for a new guitar player. If you wish to apply for this position in Eclipse Hunter, please contact us at You can find the list of requirements in the link above (Russian text):